Shure P9RA+ – K1E

P9RA+ Bodypack Receiver.
K1E – 596-632 MHz

Shure’s P9RA+ is a compact, stereo bodypack receiver for use with the PSM®900 Wireless Personal Monitor System. With a hybrid analog/digital architecture, the P9RA+ Bodypack Receiver offers unparalleled audio quality with more headroom, better stereo separation, and higher fidelity, along with reliable RF performance for increased RF signal strength to meet the needs of professional audio applications of all sizes, including IEM and IFB applications.



  • Front-End RF Filtering: –3 dB at 30.5 MHz from the center frequency of each band
  • Active RF Gain Control: 31 dB. Adjusts RF sensitivity to provide more RF dynamic range
  • RF Sensitivity: at 20 dB SINAD. 2.2  µV
  • Image Rejection: >90 dB
  • Adjacent Channel Rejection: >70 dB
  • Latency: 0.37ms
  • Squelch Threshold: 22 dB SINAD (±3 dB), default setting
  • Intermodulation Attenuation: >70 dB
  • Blocking: >80 dB
  • Audio Output Power: 1kHz @ 1% distortion, peak power, @16Ω. 100 mW (per output)
  • 4-band Parametric EQ: 9.5 Ω
  • Volume Limiter: Selectable: OFF (0 dB)to -48  dB in 3 dB steps
  • Volume Lock: Selectable: 0  dB to -70  dB. Limits volume adjustment knob. Selected value analogous to volume knob increment.
  • Battery Life: 4–6 hours (continuous use) AA batteries


Kaal 0.154 kg
Mõõtmed 6.5 × 2.2 × 8.3 cm