Technics SL-1210 MK5

These industry standard turntables are simply the best and what pro DJs insist on. We have one pair that are also available with a variety of DJ mixing desks.
Technics SL series turntables have become legendary with over 3 million sets being produced and used by DJs and clubs the world over. All SL models feature the undisputedly accurate, reliable and durable Quartz Direct Drive Motor, with Aluminium Diecast cabinets and heavy rubber base for vibration damping.
The SL1210MK5 has the same dependable construction as the famous and record selling SL1210MK2 with the addition of 0.6g Anti Skate (0.3g on the SL1210MK2), Adjustable Brake Speed accessed from just beneath the platter, continuous pitch shift with a reset control for 100% precision and finished off with a Long Life White LED Stylus Light. Technics black finish.

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Turntable Type Quartz Direct Drive
Starting Torque 1.5kg(cm)
Speeds 33/45 RPM
Tonearm Shape Universal S-Shaped
Tonearm Offset Angle 22%
Pitch Control 0-8% Continuous with Reset
Brake Speed Adjust
Stylus Light White Long Life LED
Cable Type High Grade
Anti Skate 0-6g
Dimensions (W x H x D) 453 x 172 x 355
Weight 12kg
Colour Black