Popkorni masin

The HENDI Popcorn machine produces popcorn from 150g of corn kernels at once.
Fast – making a batch of popcorn in ≈2 minutes
Illuminated interior – attractive to customers
It’s easy to extract popcorn thanks to a convenient tilt-out drawer
With crumb drawer for collecting crumbs and un-popped kernels
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Frame made of aluminium alloy.
Robust housing made of tempered glass and powder coated steel in two colours available: red or black.
With a hinged service door made of tempered glass.
Popcorn heating pan with stirring unit.
Lid with handles made of non-heating material.
Popcorn scooping flap.
Crumb drawer under the chamber for easy disposal of un-popped kernels and crumbs.
Un-popped kernels and crumbs are collected underneath the crumb drawer.
Illuminated interior.Heated bottom of the popcorn chamber.
Cycle duration: ≈2 min. – 150g of corn kernels per cycle.


Kaal 25 kg
Mõõtmed 57.4 × 42 × 77.8 cm