ChamSys Maxi Wing

The MagicQ Maxi Wing is an extremely powerful USB control wing for connecting to your PC or Mac to control lighting, video and LED
with the MagicQ PC software. MagicQ PC software runs under Windows, Linux or OSX. MagicQ PC software is free and uniquely the
outputs are fully enabled, allowing you to run shows on up to 32 Universes.
The MagicQ Maxi Wing enables advanced show programming and playback through real faders, buttons and encoder wheels. The
MagicQ Maxi Wing wing enables easy access to moving light parameters via the 8 rotary encoders, and live show control through
the 10 playback faders and cue stack control buttons. In additional there are 4 fully patchable direct DMX outputs on the rear panel.
MagicQ is simple and easy to program, enabling really quick setup – you can be up and running your show in seconds. With
unrivalled live editing and live timing options, impressive changes can be made live at the touch of a button – no need to spend hours
programming complex effects.
The MagicQ PC software is the same software that MagicQ consoles run – enabling familiar and flexible GUI lighting control, media
server connectivity options and in-built media server for LED grid arrays. And with the ability to transfer your show to other MagicQ
consoles over the network or using standard USB memory sticks the MagicQ PC Maxi Wing can be used as a powerful off-line show
editor or back-up system.
The MagicQ Maxi Wing provides an immensely powerful control PC based console in a compact size. Ideal for use by touring Lighting
Designers, or for installing into theatres, clubs, and venues, the Maxi Wing is the PC solution of choice for controlling lighting, video and



Universes 32
Channels 16384
Number of fixtures Up to 16384
Cues 5000
Cue Stacks 2000
Palettes 3096
Groups 5000
Media Server support 50 (each different content)
Encoders 8
Faders 13
Buttons 156
Direct DMX512 ports 4
Dimmable LED console lamps 1
Remote trigger input 1
Security lock fixing 1
Universal Power Supply 110 to 240 VAC


Kaal 6 kg
Mõõtmed 52.2 × 37 × 0.75 cm