Showtec LED tunnel flower

This LED tunnel flower gives the well-known moonflower effect.
This moonflower effect is equipped with no fewer than 469 colored 5mm LEDs. This makes this effect economical in use, but still has a very high light output. In combination with a smoke machine, the thin beams of light become visible. These rays are very similar to laser beams, but this light effect is a lot cheaper and the light rays are not harmful to the eyes.
In addition to the built-in programs, this effect can also be controlled with 9 DMX channels, so every light jockey can put on a great show.



  • Innovative LED effect
  • 469 5mm LEDs (280x red, 63x green and 126x blue)
  • Built-in programs
  • Music-driven programs
  • 9 DMX channels
  • Master/Slave function
  • Beam angle: 15
  • Incl. mounting bracket


Kaal 5 kg
Mõõtmed 34 × 31 × 29 cm