Akai APC 40MKI Controller (For Laser Control)

The APC40 is the link between human and computer that perfectly balances analytical parameter control with creative expression. This controller will give you ease when it comes to laser shows.
The AKAI APC40 is an amazing controller with easy key mapping. This plug-n-play device connects flawlessly with the Beyond and Quickshow software from Pangolin and allows you to have full and quick control over your laser performance. It has 16 knobs, each surrounded by a ring of LEDs. These LED rings make it easy to see your settings on dark stages, indicating the currently selected parameters’ values.
Highlight offers the AKAI APC40 MKI for dry or full production hire in Sydney, depending on your needs. You can even, hire the product for multiple days and get a really competitive price, plus we only charge you for the days that the item is being used and not for the transportation/setup dates.


  • No mapping required; every knob, button, and fader is customizable
  • Unique clip matrix with multicolour lighting displays current clip status
  • Solid, professional feel with rugged, metal chassis and premium controls
  • USB plug-and-play connection for Mac and PC.
Dimensions 429mm x 334mm x 67mm (WxDxH)
Power Supply 12V 2.0A pin-positive (included)
Communication USB-MIDI with proprietary hardware/software handshake