Peegelkera mootor – 40 kg / DMX

Peegelkera mootor kuni 40 kg koormustaluvusega.
DMX juhtimine: kiirus ja suund.



DMX controlled motor for mirror balls up to 100 cm, up to 5 RPM

  • The maximum load always means the mirror ball weight including chains and the fixation material
  • 2 chains and 4 quick links must be ordered separately
  • The motor always has to be installed with a secondary safety attachment
  • Before taking into operation for the first time, the installation has to be approved by an expert
  • Control via stand-alone; DMX
  • Suitable for a mirror ball with a diameter of up to 100 cm
  • For application areas such as: Clubs/dancing school
  • Rotation speed adjustable; Rotation direction adjustable


Kaal 6.2 kg
Mõõtmed 28.5 × 28.5 × 19 cm

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