Astera NYX Bulb

Light bulb for filmmakers and event professionals.

The first color-tunable LED bulb for professional film, stage and event productions. Not bigger than a normal LED bulb, it contains a CRMX receiver as well as RF and Bluetooth modules for the AsteraApp. It can be powered via lamp socket or with a standard power bank and thanks to its Titan LED engine it displays precise colors and white tones with ultra-high CRI and TLCI. Available in white and black.



Order Codes FP5-E26, FP5-E27, FP5-B22
Order Codes Black Edition FP5-E26-B, FP5-E27-B, FP5-B22-B
LED Engine Titan LED Engine
Colors RGBMintAmber
Total LED Power 14 W
LED Power Draw 10 W
Luminous Flux 3200K 618 Lumens
Luminous Flux 4000K 750 Lumens
Luminous Flux 5500K 683 Lumens
Light Output 3200 K @ 1m 114 Lux
Light Output 5500 K @ 1m 124 Lux
CRI (Ra)/ TLCI 3200- 6500 K ≥96
Beam Angle 155°
Field Angle 205°
Strobe 0 – 25 Hertz
Pixels 1
DC Input 5-18 VDC, 2.1 A
DC Connector 3.5 mm x 1.35 mm
AC Input FP5-E26: 100-120 VAC, FP5-E27: 100-240 VAC,  FP5-BC: 100-240 VAC
AC Connector E27 (EU) / E26 (US) / BC (on special order)
Wired DMX No
CRMX Receiver Built-in
BluetoothBridge BTB Built-in
Wireless Protocols CRMX, UHF, Bluetooth
Wireless Range CRMX/UHF up to 100 m / 110 yds Bluetooth up to 3 m / 3.3 yds
Infrared Control Yes
Housing Material Metal & Polycarbonate
IP Rating IP44: connected via AC + FP5-SP in DC socket IP20: connected via DC socket
Ambient Operating Temperature 0 – 40 °C / 32 – 104 °F
Mounting Options E26/27/BC socket


Kaal 0.24 kg
Mõõtmed 7 × 13 cm