Antari Wifi-800

The Wi-Fi-800 is the same fogger as the popular Z-800 mKII but with a built-in Wi-Fi network. This makes it possible to control the fogger with your iPhone in combination with the Fog 800 app, available at the app store. With this app you have on/off and timer control. Besides the Wi-Fi control it also has a button on the grip to control it manually.
The Wi-Fi function is not guaranteed to work with the latest mobile operating systems. Therefore, we include a free remote control with a 7.5 m wire

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Power: AC240V, 50Hz
Output: 3,000 cu. ft/min
Tank Capacity: 0,8 L
Fluid type: Fog Fluid
Fluid Consumption Rate: 37 Min./0,8 L(100% Output)
Heater: 800W


Kaal 3.5 kg
Mõõtmed 31.5 × 12.8 × 16.6 cm